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 Individual therapy can involve one or more sessions based on your personal circumstances. People choose counselling for a variety of reasons and many brief therapies are effective in treating the symptoms of complex issues including stress, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, trauma, P.T.S.D, addiction, relationship issues and sexual problems. Our counsellors are trained in a variety of effective therapy models and techniques to best suit your needs.  We like to take a 'whole person' approach and will work together with you to determine the best and most effective way to address your specific concerns.

Couple's therapy may be right for you if you are experiencing difficulty working through relationship issues. You may find yourselves avoiding each other, trust may have been broken or destructive habits or behaviours that cause emotional or physical distress have become normal. Couples therapy, aims to improve communication and works towards re-connection through shared intimacy. Sessions provide a safe space where honest and open dialogue is encouraged, giving you both the opportunity to be heard, understood and ultimately appreciate each other's needs. Your counsellor can help you build on strengths, develop more effective communication skills and implement personal changes in your lives that contribute to a more fulfilling relationship.

We understand that attending counselling in person,  is not always possible because of location or work schedules which limit your ability to attend our counselling rooms. Please contact us to explore and discuss options for booking sessions, online. 

We are registered providers with ACC and provide funded counselling services for survivors of sexual abuse or sexual trauma. Please contact us for more information about our sensitive claims counselling services and whether you qualify for this funding.. 

Nelson Counselling Support

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